Duffel Bag on Platform

The Ultimate Offshore Bag

Duffel Bag on Platform

Every offshore worker needs a bag to carry all of their clothing and personal items to and from the rig. We’ve tested everything from the standard duffel bag to specially made work bags, and we’ve finally found the king of all oilfield offshore bags!

Requirements of the Ultimate Offshore Bag

  • Durability – The average oilfield hand tosses their bag in the back of their truck, and lugs it from the truck to the crew boat or helicopter. If transferring via a crew boat, the bag is thrown onto the deck of the boat for a two to twelve hour ride out to location. Then the bag is thrown into the personnel transfer basket, and then thrown onto the deck of rig or platform. If on a helicopter, it’s crammed into a small storage space with all of the other equipment flying out, still being thrown onto the deck plus being hauled down a couple flights of stairs. The bag has to endure grease, grating, and rough handling.
  • Resistance to the Elements – Oilfield workers are subjected to some of the toughest environments in the world. Whether it’s the scorching hot and salty air of the Gulf of Mexico to the freezing temperatures of the North, the bag has to save your belongings from getting wet and keeping the grease and grime outside the bag, not inside.

The Results are In!

We’ve tested out three of the top brands in offshore bags for durability, toughness, and resistance to the elements. The clear winner is a company that sounds as tough as their bags. Bad Ass Work Bags!

Blue Oilfield Offshore Bag

In our tests, Bad Ass Work Bag’s bags were tougher, lasted longer, and kept our stuff dry and clean. Our tests were rudimentary, but we basically through the bags at a piece of grating 100 times and sprayed them with a water hose for approximately 1 minute.

Bad Ass Work Bags come in three sizes:

  • Oil Field Tote Bag – The small bag. Good for workers on short stints or that pack light.
  • Oil Field Gear Bag – The medium bag. Big enough for most guys.
  • Oil Field Offshore Bag – The large bag. Our favorite. Pack everything you could possibly imagine. Really good for the winter if you have insulated coveralls.

Personally I’ve bought three. I have the Gear bag for the summer. I have the Offshore bag for the winter, and I have one extra (in camoflauge!) for my hunting bag!

If you’re a tough dude looking for a tough bag, Bad Ass Work Bags is where it’s at!

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